Fibreglass Pools


Natural Pools has partnered with Miami Pools in order to offer our range of fibreglass pools. Fibreglass pools are famous for their ease of maintenance, affordability, durability and their versatility. This coupled with Natural Pools’ award-winning design and construction. If you’re looking to install a fibreglass pool, choose Natural Pools for the best and highest quality results for your needs.

Natural Pools offers 13 different styles of swimming pools, with most of them available in various sizes. We also have 6 different colours available so that you are able to customise your pool to your landscape. Click the button below to download the brochure for some of the pools we offer:

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We also supply smaller plunge pools and swim spas if space is a concern and for the serious swimmer or when the block is tight we supply lap pools that can be manufactured up to 25m in length.

Advantages of Fibreglass Pools

  •  Any size pool can be constructed above or below ground
  • Pools up to 25 metres long, 5.45 metres wide and 1.3 metres deep can be transported in one piece to most areas.
  •    Miami Fibreglass pools are in one piece when completed, No joints, No concrete, and No vinyl liner that may crack or tear due to movement
  • No leaks Guaranteed
  • Miami Fibreglass pools do not have to be emptied for cleaning or painting
  • Low maintenance cost compared to concrete pools, vinyl liner pools, or Stainless Steel framed pools with vinyl liner that holds the water.
  • Miami Pools will structurally guarantee their construction for 30 years

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