Commercial Pools


Natural Pools’ commercial pool construction division is made up of experienced consultants, designers, engineers and pool builders. Together, they produce innovative swimming pool designs for a range of commercial purposes, including government, sporting, and leisure related developments.

We understand that commercial renovations and new developments require customised solutions, which is why we specialise in custom swimming pool designs, tailoring project plans to suit specific requirements. Our swimming pool builders are trained to ensure the highest quality construction, always delivering on time and on budget.

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Total Service

Natural Pools can partner with you at any stage of the process. The services we offer for new builds or pool renovations include:

  • Project Management: You can choose to prepare the site yourself, or you can opt for a full turnkey solution in which we manage all trades, materials and equipment from start to finish.
  • Engineering Services: Our swimming pool builders and designers can liaise with architects, as well as civil, structural, hydraulic and electrical engineers.
  • Maintenance Programs: We can deliver a reporting and scheduled maintenance service that is efficient and cost-effective, saving you long-term hassle.

Renovation of Commercial Pools

For older pools, renovation is an ideal way to implement newer technologies that can improve energy efficiency and hygiene. Renovation can also help to make cleaning and maintenance easier, as well as improving aesthetics. Our renovation services for commercial pools include:

  • Resurfacing
  • Wet deck conversions
  • Water proofing and joint repairs
  • Disabled access ramps
  • Pumps, filtration and sanitation
  • Heating, including solar, gas and heat pumps
  • Energy management systems
  • Water playgrounds

Innovative Solutions

Our swimming pool builders have experience installing a wide range of innovative systems for commercial projects, including:

  • Advanced reticulation systems
  • High rate sand filters
  • Ultra Fine Filtration (UFF)
  • Safety features
  • Mineral water filtration systems

These systems, along with our attention to detail in developing swimming pool designs, allow us to develop solutions for commercial projects that cater to discerning customers or users with particular needs.

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